Itís all in the Family

Three Valley is one of the most unique communities in British Columbia. It combines a large modern resort with a historic town which allows visitors to step back in history to relive the colourful pioneer days of the late eighteen hundreds.

Located on the Trans Canada Highway just 12 miles (19km) west of Revelstoke, Three Valley Lake Chateau Ltd. and Three Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town* are in the spectacular Eagle Pass. The Gap* is surrounded by the mighty Monashee Mountains with their tumbling waterfalls, and the sparkling waters of the Lake of Three Valleys lap the beach of the resort.

Three Valley Lake Chateau Ltd. and Three Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town* is the dream come true of Gordon and Ethel Bell. It's a real family affair, with families of son George and daughters Carol, Melody and Rene, all active in the planning and operation of the entire resort.

The Bell's Three Valley dream had its beginning in the late fifties with a small service stop and motel. And ever since the opening of the famous Rogers Pass east of Revelstoke, Three Valley has been growing. The "old town" looks like it's been there for the best part of a century. In fact, the collection of more than 25 buildings, together with a wide assortment of artifacts large and small, has come from far and wide in British Columbia and represents a composite community that stirs visiting grandmas and grandpas to comment, "Remember, when..."

*All facilities are a division of Three Valley Lake Chateau Ltd.