Glacier Helicopters

During your visit at Three Valley Lake Chateau, be sure to check out the helicopter sightseeing tours. Amidst the splendor of the Monashee Mountain Range, Glacier Helicopters provides helicopter tours that will leave a lasting memory of some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see!

Glacier Helicopters operates sightseeing tours directly from the shores of Three Valley Lake at 3 Valley Gap, May through mid-September. Hours of operation are 8am to sunset. All flights are weather permitting and other restrictions may apply. Please call Glacier Helicopter directly at 1.800.316.7790 for more information.

Some of Glacier Helicopters exciting flights include:

Helicopter Ride
This ride lets you experience helicopter flight around Three Valley
Mt. Begbie Tour
This spectacular tour includes breathtaking views of mountain peaks, lush green valleys, high alpine lakes and the glaciers of Mt. Begbie.

Monashee Mountain Tour
After lift off you will fly North climbing up to 10,000 feet with a spectacular view of the Monashee mountain range. You will pass over numerous glaciers, rugged mountain peaks, high alpine meadows and lakes. The route will then take you back to Three Valley paralleling the Upper Arrow Lakes and more glaciers!

From helicopter rides around scenic Three Valley Lake to spectacular glacier tours with breathtaking views of mountain peaks, lush valleys, crystal blue alpine lakes and maybe even a glimpse of the local wildlife you are sure to leave with a camera full of pictures and a smile on your face!

For More Information:
Visit the official website of Glacier Helicopters

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