Mt. Revelstoke National Park

Experience a treasure of magic and beauty waiting to be discovered - where the most adventurous return with the most rewarding experience.

The park offers a drive in the country like no other. The 26 km "Meadows in the Sky Parkway" winds from lush valley rainforests to subalpine meadows, high among the immense, snow-capped mountains.

To truly enjoy the park, leave the car at the upper parking lot at the summit and explore the trails. One trail leads to the "Icebox", a shaded rock cleft where the snow lasts through the summer. Walk through the alpine meadows filled with wildflowers or visit one of the beautiful alpine lakes.

The 600 m "Giant Cedars Boardwalk" is a walk through a living museum. This short boardwalk will take you into the heart of an ancient old growth rainforest, with 600 year old Cedar Trees. Benches are provided so you may relax & enjoy the serene forest atmosphere. There is also a picnic area at the foot of the boardwalk.

The 1.2 km "Skunk Cabbage Trail" leads you through a fragile wetland home to the skunk cabbage plant and a stopover for migratory birds. The wetland is inhabited by muscrat, beaver, and a host of birds - definitely the best birdwatching in the parks. Enjoy a picnic at the trailhead as well.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is home to grizzly and black bears, mountain goats, white-tailed ptarmigans, hoary marmots, golden-mantled ground squirrel, pika and mountain caribou. The mountain caribou is a unique ecotype related to the woodland caribou found throughout boreal Canada.

Where Itís At
Mount Revelstoke National Park is approximately 20 km/13 miles east of Three Valley Gap.

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